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Body-Image Issues Can Begin as Early as Preschool

It’s hard not to be self-conscious about our bodies. It can be harder to not accidentally communicate this to our children.

Source: Body-Image Issues Can Begin as Early as Preschool

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Kids (and Parents) Need to Relearn This Basic Skill

In a study, conducted by Michigan State University, researchers came to this surprising conclusion: only 5% of people are washing their hands thoroughly enough actually to remove germs.

Source: Kids (and Parents) Need to Relearn This Basic Skill

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The Mom Conference

The Mom Conference is now over – but if you missed the conference or weren’t able to view some of the presentations you really wanted to watch, The Mom Conference team has put together some special recording packages just for you! Recording packages are available at special prices through midnight tonight (October 19th).

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to watch and re-watch 21 powerful presentations full of tried-and-true ideas and inspiration whenever and wherever you like? 

The packages include:

  • all the presentations from this year
  • viewing guides/outlines for all of this year’s presentations
  • an action guide to help you implement all that you learn
  • 3 top presentations from last year
  • 5 special bonus audio trainings
  • over 30 bonus eBooks and mini-programs to help you more fully implement all that you learn through the presentations.

It costs upwards of $150 just for registration at most conferences. Plus you have to pay for travel and hotel and babysitting. This conference offers way more than most live conferences and you can get lifetime access for under $100.

The material in the Premium package is valued at well over $300 but you can get it today for just $97.

Check out these great packages before it’s too late!

Click here to learn more and buy. 

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This Corporate Merger is Bad News for Families on a Budget

There’s something shocking in the works that could threaten the security of our food supply, limit consumers access to healthy foods and have a major impact on grocery store prices in the coming years.

Source: This Corporate Merger is Bad News for Families on a Budget

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The Mom Conference

I’ve mentioned the Mom Conference before but I wanted to follow up with you before it’s too late. If you haven’t signed up yet – now is the time!
I’ve learned SO much over the years from listening to presentations by some amazing experts. 

Here are some comments from attendees:

“I love being a Mom and felt like this conference was maybe optional since things are going pretty good (knock on wood!), but I learned so much yesterday and was inspired to have my kids help more, learn more, and us all to stop and enjoy life more fully. Thank you!”

There are still two more days of the conference so join in now!

As soon as you register at this link, you’ll receive a link that will get you right into today’s presentations and you’ll get a link for tomorrow’s presentations as well. You can watch each day’s presentations whenever it’s convenient for you – all 7 presentations for each day are available for a full 24 hours!

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