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Is Your Child Hyper and Annoying?

on October 14, 2015

It is true that some kids have neurological problems that make it more difficult for them to remain calm and self-controlled. 

It is also true that there are many things within our control…with all types of children…that can up the odds that they will behave in ways that avoid their placement on our last nerve.  

Are you a parent who errs on the side of assuming that your child can’t help being out of control? Or are you one who assumes that with the right type of love, limits, structure, training, and expectations, they can usually remain fun to be around?

Listed below is a laundry list of some old-fashioned yet powerful strategies:


Unlike adults, many children get hyper when they’re tired.


Too many activities create stressed families. Stressed families create kids who act out to relieve their stress.


When kids lack solid limits, they tend to act out to get them. Be sure to set limits by describing what you are willing to do or allow…rather than telling them how they should act. An example:

“You are welcome to stay in the same room with me as long as your voice is quiet and you aren’t running around.”

Predictable routines

Kids thrive when these and other routines are more or less routine: Getting ready each morning, dinnertime, bedtime, family reading time, homework time, playtime, etc. 

Good food

Junk food tends to create junky behavior.


Exercise calms the brain. 

Very limited screen time

The more kids interact with screens the more difficulty they have with self-regulation.

A good marriage

Kids tend to act out any anxiety or tension present in the home. 


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