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5 ways to help boost your child’s self-esteem

on August 21, 2015

Here are tips on raising a child to be confident and balanced – not just for today, but for life…

1. Boost confidence

Whether it’s sports day, an exam, or something else making your child anxious, encourage them to step up to the challenge. At home, let them attempt age-appropriate tasks – like doing chores – on their own. Mistakes are important ways of learning, so show them how to set realistic goals and work towards them.
2. Competition isn’t bad!

Children are naturally competitive. Adults need to let kids experience reasonable levels of risk, failure and disappointment, then support them to overcome these hurdles. Children bombarded with the message “winning is everything” find it harder to deal with losing.

3. Watch your words

Constant criticism creates low self-esteem, which can lead to misbehaving and self loathing. If you have to say ‘no’ or ‘don’t’, follow it up with a positive instruction. So if you say, “No! Stop grabbing the cat’s tail,” follow up with, “Pat the cat like this.”
4. If they fail

It’s not the end of the world if they come last or fail. 

If they come home disappointed, let them know that’s OK. You can’t make every problem or bad feeling disappear. Encourage your child to try again, and to enjoy the activity even if they aren’t the winner.  Equally, when they’ve mastered a skill or achieved something, teach them to enjoy their accomplishments without gloating. Stress that everyone is good at different things.

5. Share a giggle

So they fell over at the finish line – so what?! Laughter helps people cope with tough times.


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