Stress Less Parenting

Bringing the joy back to parenting your children.

Encourage emotional intelligence and stress management with colored eggs. 

on April 6, 2015

Print out positive statements or affirmations and glue them onto dyed eggs. “I am starting fresh.”  “I am growing.” “I am full of life.” Experience and talk about rabbit energy and bird energy…. Hop around like a rabbit and float on a breeze like a bird. Discuss when it is good to use rabbit energy and when it is helpful to have bird energy. Talk about the colors of the eggs. Do the different colors evoke different feelings? Does light blue make you feel relaxed? Does orange make you feel happy? How does holding the egg make you feel? Is it relaxing to roll it around in your hands? Can you look at an egg and only think of the egg for any amount of time? How does it feel to stop the chatter in your head?  


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